The Canister - Digipack EP - Zubrowska


Out : 9 Décember 2012


  • Drums and vocals by Julien SOULA at Antistatic studio
  • Bass and guitars by Anthony FLEIRE

Mixing and mastering: El Mobo at Conkrete studio

Artworks by R. (

Photos by Mickael ANDRE

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  1. Let's grow a dead!
  2. Meant to fade
  3. The fat beaver syndrome
  4. Memento mori
  5. There comes at time, friend...

On this record:

Jonathan RAUZY: guitar

Mickael ANDRE: guitar

Julien "Nutz" DEYRES: vocals

Claude ABI-RACHED: vocals

Théophile ASTORGA: drums

Anthony FLEIRES: bass

Music composed by Jonathan RAUZY and Julien "Nutz" DEYRES

Lyrics by Claude ABI-RACHED

Guitars arrangement by Mickael ANDRE

Orchestral parts on "let's grow a dead!" by Mathieu PASCAL (Gorod)

Piano on "There comes a time, friend..." by Catherine TRAN HUU AU (AloeHelena)

Photos by Mickael ANDRE

Artwork by R. (

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