Zubrowska are dead - CD - Zubrowska


Out : 1st September 2010

Recording, mixing and mastering: Jens BOGREN, Johan ORNBÖRG at Fascination Street, Orebro, Sweden

Artworks by Mahell and Yoann BOLHER

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  1. From beginning...
  2. wake me up when i am dead
  3. Satan is love
  4. A journey begins
  5. Drop the shell and climb the mountain
  6. Sleeping rug
  7. The memorial part I obsidian age
  8. The memorial part II first
  9. Death experience
  10. Six billion white stains
  11. I believe in ghosts
  12. Leila
  13. Solitude
  14. Women are dead
  15. ...To end

On this record:

Julien "Nutz" DEYRES: vocals and guitar

Jonathan RAUZY: guitar

Claude ABIRACHED: vocals

Florian RUBIO IGLESIAS: bass

Anthony LABONNE: drums and samples

Voice on "from beginning.." by Léo MARGARIT (Pain of salvation)

Chorus on 'Leila" by Léo MARGARIT, Jens BOGREN, Jonathan RAUZY and Florian RUBIO IGLESIAS

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