Nastivity - CD - SETH


Out : 2003

Label: Apokalypse records

Rehearsal demo tape from 1996

Mastering on this release: Mr Neb Xort at Masterlab studios

Cover by Graz'zt et Asath

Layout by Asath

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  1. The infinite corridor
  2. Darkness remains
  3. The black weapon
  4. Apocalyptic dream
  5. Until the end
  6. Until the end
  7. The forest of the damned
  8. The chemerical quest

On this record:

V.V.Arkames: vocals

Heimoth: guitars

Faucon noir: bass

Alsvid: drums

All music composed by Heimoth and Faucon noir.

All lyrics written by Vicomte Vampyr Arkmes.


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