The Excellence - Colored LP - SETH


Out : 28 September 2000

Label: Osmose productions

Recording and mixing: Michel DELCAMPO at Orlandus studio in Décember 1999

Mastering: Peter TÄGTGREN at Abyss studio (SWEDEN) in July 2000

Photos by Jean-Marie

Logo by Spazjdel

Design by Laurent

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Colour: Blue




  1. Die Weihe
  2. Let me be the salt in your wound
  3. Bastard beast
  4. Acid Christ
  5. Corpus et anima
  6. Legion spirituelle damnatrice
  7. L'excellence
  8. Leave this planet

On this record:

Faucon noir: vocals

Heimoth: guitars, keyboards

Acid christ: bass

Alsvid: drums

Introduction of Die Weihe by Loïc and Total Eclipse.

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