The Malefic: Chapter III - EP - Nader Sadek


Out : 1st October 2014

Produced by Nader Sadek and Decibel magazine

Recording and mixing: Martin RYGIEL

Mastering: Martin RYGIEL

Digital version:

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The Malefic: Chapter III


  1.  Deformation by inscision
  2.  Carrion whispers
  3.  Entropy eternal
  4.  Descent

On this record:

All voices: Travis RYAN

Rune ERIKSEN: rhythmic guitars

Flo MOUNIER: drums

Alex WEBSTER: bass on "deformation by inscision"

Oliver PINARD: bass on "carrion whispers"

Martin RYGIEL: bass on "entropy eternal" and "descent"

Andreas KISSER: guitar solo on "entropy eternal" and "descent"

Bobby KOELBLE: guitar solo on "deformation by inscision, carrion whispers and entropy eternal"

Spoken voices on "Descent" by NADER SADEK

Female voice on "Descent" by Carmen SIMOES

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