Living Flesh - LP - Nader Sadek


LIVE recorded  20th  November 2011 at New York

Record's out : 27th Febuary 2013

Autoproduction by Nader Sadek

Live recording: Liron PELED

Mixing and Mastering: Casey SMITH

Digital version:

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  1.  Re: Awakening
  2.  Nigredo in necromance
  3.  Sulffer
  4.  Mchanic idolatry
  5.  Soulless
  6.  Rusted skin/drum solo
  7.  Of this flesh
  8.  Re: Exhaust
  9.  Petrophilia

On this record:

Flo MOUNIER: drums

Rune ERIKSEN: guitars

NOVY: bass

Sean FREY: guitars

Nader SADEK: vocals and samples

Karmen SIMOES: Voices

Steve TUCKER: vocals

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