In The Flesh - Digipack CD - Nader Sadek


Out : 16 May 2011

Label: Season of mist

Recording and mixing: Steve TUCKER

Mastering: Casey SMITH

Digital version:

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  1.  Awakening
  2.  Petrophilia
  3.  Of this flesh (novus deus)
  4.  Exhaust capacitor
  5.  Soulless
  6.  Rusted skin
  7.  Mechanic idolatry
  8.  Sulffer
  9.  Nigredo in necromance

On this record:

Steve TUCKER: vocals

Rune ERIKSEN: guitars

Flo MOUNIER: drums

Nader SADEK: voices

Bass session: Nicholas McMASTER

Guitar solo on "petrophilia, soulless, mechanic idolatry, sulffer et nigredo in necromance" by Mike LERNER

Guitar solo on "soulless et nigredo in necromance" by DESTRUCTHOR

Guitar solo on "exhaust capacitor, soulless et mechanic idolatry" by Tony NORMAN

Additionnal vocals on "petrophilia, of this flesh, soulless, mechanic idolatry" by Travis RYAN

Female voice on "of this flesh" by Guadalupe PERAZA

Strings and bass arrangements on "of this flesh" by Miles JAY

Violin on "of this flesh" by Mohamed SAMI

Voice on "awakening et rusted skin" by Attila CSIHAR


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