The Hellenic Terror - CD - KRONOS


Out : March 2007

Label: Xtreem music records

Recording, mixing and mastering: by Wojtek & Slawek WIESLAWSKI at Hertz Studio

Artworks & layout by Phlegeton art studio (

Logo by Stéphane BOTTE

Photos by Jacko

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The Hellenic Terror


  1. The road of salvation
  2. Bringers of disorder
  3. ...Until the end of time
  4. Suffocate the ignorant
  5. A huge cataclysm
  6. Tricephallic hellkeeper
  7. Petrifying beauty part 1: Divine vengeance
  8. Petrifying beauty part 2: the murderous reflection
  9. Ouranian cyclops
  10. Maze of oblivion

On this record:

Tom: bass backing vocals

Richard: guitar

Kristof: vocals

Mike: drums

Grams: guitar

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