Architects Of Deceit - CD - JUGGERNAUT


Out : 2009

Coproduction: Juggernaut, Come dancing records and Abitbol records

Recording and mixing: by Mathieu PASCAL at Bud records

Mastering: by Scott HULL at Visceral Sound

Artworks by Kevin MAURICE

Photo by Gérard ROBERT

Digital version:

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Architects Of Deceit


  1. Crumblind foundations
  2. Antinomos
  3. Casual monstrosity
  4. Eventless terror
  5. Unveiled cross
  6. Endless circle
  7. Tongues of asphalt
  8. Artifact
  9. Delusions of grandeur
  10. Our cynicism is all we have left
  11. Unsettled scores/ The world awaiting oblivion

On this record:

Jeremy ROBERT: Rythm lead acoustic guitar

Laurent FUMANAL: Bass

Karol DIERS: Drums

Guillaume REBILLON: Rythmic guitar and backing vocals

Jerôme ETCHEGOYHEN : Vocals

All music and lyrics by JUGGERNAUT

Coproduction by JUGGERNAUT, Come dancing records and Abitbol records

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