Pin's Cthulhu - The Great Old Ones


Pin's with the image of Cthulhu, sacred monster of the famous writer H.P.Lovecraft.

Dimensions: 5.5cm x 4cm

Limited quantity!


A little history of the Pin's

The origin of the word "pin's" comes from English: "pin", meaning "pin". The pin's already existed in the military field before serving as an advertising medium. He made his first real appearance in the advertising field in 1956 for the radio station Europe N ° 1, but this attempt was not successful. It will be necessary to wait until 1987 to witness a true fashion phenomenon.

The pines then suddenly appeared en masse, in everyday life. This is explained by their continual exploitation by well-known commercial brands and music groups, or as commemorative objects (OJ), and then as donations and lots.

But it was a short-lived fashion. Indeed, only five years after the Rolland Garros tournament launcher of the concept, the big success of the pins fell after the Olympics in Albertville leaving only a few enthusiasts, philopins or philopinists, stubbornly continuing to amass these small accessories.

What materials for the pins?

There are pins in many materials such as porcelain, wood, or plastic. But the vast majority of pins fall into three broad categories based on the quality of accessories:

- Cold enamel pins (intermediate quality)

- Pin's in ZAMAK (high-end alloy)

- Pin's resin EPOXY (standard quality of the majority of the pins)


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