Hello everyone!

I'm proud to present you my participation in GOROD's "Bekhten's curse" video as a costume designer / prop. It was the rush but the result is super cool.

I realized for this clip 9 costumes in all:

  • 2 for the princess (a princess class and a possessed princess)
  • 1 Hittite king
  • 3 priests
  • 1 priest Khonsu god
  • 2 consuls of the king

And their accessories: scepters, jewels, shoes, censer ...

Here are some pictures of the shoot, but especially go see the video >> VIDEO LINK << and enjoy!


First outfit of Princess Bentresh.

possessed princess

Second outfit of Princess Bentresh in possessed state.

Hittite king

Outfit of Hittite king (people who lived in Anatolia).

priest and Konhsu god

Outfits of the priests and the priest god Khonsu.


Outfits of king's consuls.


Virginie AUBEE the FireGirl sending heavy !!

A big thank you to Nadia ARBAUDIE QUEYREL for the make-up, the hairstyle as well as the realization of the crown of the princess.

Thank you to Benjamin BACHELARD, Disclosure Productions for making the clip, his patience and his beautiful images that highlight my achievements.

Thanks to Virginie AUBEE "Virginie FireWalk WithMe" for her incredible talents with the flames of hell!

And thanks to all the participants for the good mood and the good weekend we spent together.