Ascension - CD - Exocrine


Out : 31 January 2017

Label: Great Dane Records

Recording and mixing: Sylvain OCTOR PEREZ at Triceraprod studio

Mastering: Stephane SCHOTT at Lyynk studio

Artwork: Bastien JEZ and Headsplit

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  1. Terra
  2. Alpha (chapter I: Exode)
  3. The fall (chapter I: Exode)
  4. Cryogenisation (chapter I: Exode)
  5. Eternal solitude (chapter II: The ascension)
  6. Amber (chapter II: The ascension)
  7. The hive (chapter II: The ascension)
  8. Proceed (chapter III: Rebirth)
  9. Garden of flesh (chapter III: Rebirth)
  10. Empyre (chapter III: Rebirth)

On this reccord:

Sylvain Octor: Guitar

Nicolas La Rosa: Guitar

Jordy Besse: Bass and vocals

Antoine Fourré: Drums

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