Out: 2011

Production: Bud reccords

Recording and mixing: Mathieu PASCAL, Bud Reccords

Mastering: Mathieu PASCAL

Artworks by Mathieu PASCAL

Photo by David SANCHEZ

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Tracklist :

1. Earth pus

2. Blackout: renewed souls

3. Textures

4. Earth pus: salvation

5. Transcendence

  •   Earth Pus – ("Neurotripsicks" / 2004) – New version, re-recorded, spring 2010.

  •   Blackout - Renewed Souls – Acoustic version of Blackout ("Leading Vision" / 2006), re-written for classical guitars, bass and percussions.
  •   Textures - CYNIC cover ! – Recorded in 2008 with longtime friend, Tiko (Jenx), on drums.
  •  Earth Pus - Salvation – Acoustic version of Earth Pus ("Neurotripsicks" / 2004), Re-shapped with orchestral elements.
  •  Transcendence – A brand new 15' piece! Progressive, epic, outstandingl! … While Ross Dolan(IMMOLATION) lends a hand to Guillaume on vocals.Gorod new singer, Julien "Nutz", do his first appearance ... A 15' song, with different influences, new and old, mixed for a unique travel in GOROD's universe...

Sur cet album:

Mathieu PASCAL: Guitare

Benoit CLAUS: Basse

Arnaud PONTACQ: Guitare

Samuel SANTIAGO: Batterie

Guillaume MARTINOT/Julien DEYRES/Ross DOLAN/Mathieu PASCAL: Chant

Musique par Mathieu PASCAL

Paroles par Guillaume MARTINOT

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