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Ten years after it's first release (under the GORGASM moniker), Mat re-mixed and re-mastered it so you can find it at least! Ten songs in a digipack with a new inlay!

Out : 2004

Production: Bud reccords

Recording and mixing: Mathieu PASCAL, Bud Reccords

Mastering: Mathieu PASCAL

Artworks by Mathieu PASCAL

Photo by David SANCHEZ

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Tracklist :

1. Intro

2. Gutting job

3. Smoked skulls

4. Hunt to the weaks

5. Beware of tramps

6. Pig's bloated face

7. Harmony in torture

8. Rusted nails attack

9. Earth pus

10. Neuronal disorder state

On this record:

Mathieu PASCAL: Guitars

Benoit CLAUS: Bass

Arnaud PONTACQ: Guitars

Sandrine BOURGUIGNON: Drums

Guillaume MARTINOT: Vocals

Music by Mathieu PASCAL

Lyrics by Guillaume MARTINOT

Additionnal vocals on "neuronal disorder states" by Claude KONNERT

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