Out : April 2017

Production: Bud reccords

Recording and mixing: Mathieu PASCAL, Bud Reccords

Mastering: Mathieu PASCAL

Artworks by GRIFF (

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Dixit Gorod  : «  This EP is the result of the craziest challenge we ever set ourselves. In the end of 2016 we got an offer to take part in a european tour with Thrash Metal Bands (Havok, Warbringer & Exmortus). The day before Christmas, we made the decision to release something new and that would fit with the bands involved in this upcoming tour. We had only two months left to create the whole thing, music, lyrics and artwork. This extreme rush compelled us to work in a totally different way than usual and we had to get straight to the point. This is Gorod's most spontaneous piece of work since now twenty years of existence, and we hope you will enjiy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.»

Tracklist :

1. Being a jerk

2. Tony P.shot

3. Anise power

4. Lost in osaka

5. Chronicles from the stone age

On this record:

Mathieu PASCAL: Guitars

Benoit CLAUS: Bass

Nicolas ALBERNY: Guitars

Karol DIERS: Drums

Julien DEYRES: Vocals

Music by Mathieu PASCAL

Lyrics by Julien DEYRES

Back vocals : Tony P. Team

Vocals on “Chronicles from the stone age” Guillaume MARTINOT (originally recorded in 2005)

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