TEKELI-LI - CD (2015 edition) - The Great Old Ones


Out : 16 April 2014

Label: Les acteurs de l'ombre

Recording and mixing: Cyrille Gachet

Mastering: Alan Douches

Artworks by Jeff Grimal

Digital version: https://thegreatoldones.bandcamp.com/album/tekeli-li-2

Social networks: https://www.facebook.com/thegreatoldones/

LP available.


TEKELI-LI - CD (2015 edition)

Tracklist :

1. Je ne suis pas fou

2. Antartica

3. The elder things

4. Awekening

5. The ascend

6. Behind the mountains

On this record:

Benjamin Guerry: Guitars, vocals

Jeff Grimal: Guitars, vocals

Xavier Godart: Guitars

Sébastien Lalanne: Bass

Léo Isnard: drums

Cello : Quentin Gendrot

Lyrics by Benjamin Guerry

Layout by Romain Lupino

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