COSMICISM - CD - The Great Old Ones


Out : 25th Octobre 2019

Label: Season of mist

Recording, mixing & mastering: Francis CASTE at Studio Sainte-Marthe

Artwork & Layout: Jeff GRIMAL

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Double LP available (black or turquoise).




  1. Cosmic Depths
  2. The omniscient
  3. Of dementia
  4. Lost carcosa
  5. A thousand young
  6. Dreams of the nuclear chaos
  7. Nyarlathotep

On this record:

Benjamin Guerry: guitars & vocals

Aurelien Edouard: guitars

Alexandre "gart" Rouleau: guitars

Benoit "barby" Claus: bass

Léo Isnard: drums

Music & lyrics by Benjamin Guerry

(except "Cosmic Depths" by Alexandre Rouleau & Benjamin Guerry)

Arrangements by The Great Old Ones

Spoken words on "the omniscient" & "nyarlathotep" written by H.P.Lovecraft

Spoken words on "lost carcosa" written by Robert W.Chambers

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