E-Xtinction - CD (2016 edition) - CARCARIASS


Out: 1st September 2009, re-edition in 2016

Label: Greatdane records and Season of mist

Recording and mixing: Carcariass studio

Mastering: Jean-Pierre BOUQUET and Stephane BUIREZ at L'autre studio

Porduction: Carcariass

Artworks by Oliver "Bones" SALIN

Digital version: https://carcariass.bandcamp.com/album/e-xtinction

Social network: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube





  1. Chaos and decay
  2. In cold blood
  3. Domination
  4. Exulting pain
  5. Revenger
  6. Threshold to madness
  7. Dying today
  8. E-xtinction
  9. Chaos and decay instrumental
  10. Domniation instrumental
  11. Revenger instrumental
  12. Dying today instrumental

On this record:

Raphaël COUTURIER: vocal and bass

Pascal LANQUETIN: guitar

Bertrand SIMONIN: drums

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