Killing Process - CD (2016 edition) - CARCARIASS


Out : 20 January 2002, re-edition in 2016

Label: Adipocere Records

Recording and mixing: Stephane BURIEZ et François JAMIN

Mastering: par Jean-Pierre BOUQUET à L'autre studio

Porduction: LB-LAB by Stéphane BURIEZ

Artworks by Oliver "Bones" SALIN

Photos by Carcariass friends

Digital version:

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  1. Watery grave
  2. Tragical end
  3. Killing process
  4. Mortal climb
  5. Earth in sorrow
  6. Winds of death
  7. Burn in peace
  8. Under concrete
  9. Lost in agony
  10. Bonus "Revenger" feat Max OTERO (MERCYLESS)
  11. Bonus "Domniation" feat Fred BUSCHENRIEDER (MINDWARP)

On this record:

Raphaël COUTURIER: vocal and bass

Pascal LANQUETIN: guitar

Bertrand SIMONIN: drums

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