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Hell In Town is a four-piece metal band since 2007.

Playing heavy music from south west France to all over the world.

Matt DMS, plays bass and sings for the band. He's the main writer and composer.

P-Y is the newest member of H.I.T. and plays lead guitar, bringing flames to the stage. He's replacing former guitarist Nico.

Trust is the drummer of the band since 2016 and shakes it all with his groovy taste.

Mat took the second guitar in 2015, bringing even more loudness to H.I.T.

The band has experienced several changes these past years. Therefore things have been moving slowly. Now back on track with a new line-up and a new album (coming up 2017), Hell In TowN is looking for partnerships and shows!

The music Video "Back In The Mud" has been shot in the summer 2013 and was released in 2014!

About Past:

Let's say the First real drummer of Hell In Town was Simon Renaud (Warattah/Plug'in/SouthandRavens..) He played on the first album (recorded by Matt/Mixed by El Mobo in 2009) You can see him on the music video "I've seen" which was the first single.

Simon had to leave the band right after and was temporarily replaced by Jean (Simplixity). With this awesome technical drummer Hell In Town was able to perform shows while Matt took the occasion to write new songs..

Karol (Gorod/ErlenMeyer/Juggernaut/Cenesthésie) officially came into the band in 2012. Known for his special technical and groovy skills he managed to give the band the opportunity to go further down in the southern Stoner music.

Trust came into the band in 2016 when K. had to part ways for complete dedication to Gorod.
That same year, Nico left H.I.T. while P-Y came in, bringing new energy to the music.

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