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Zubrowska is a well-known Toulousain metal band!

Dixit Metalorgie: "The big thing about Zubrowska, who was already the main driver of their previous work, is to build a solid building with soundproof bricks, which will search the whole of Metal / Hardcore scene. "

  • The Canister - Digipack EP...
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    The Canister - Digipack EP...


    Out : 9 Décember 2012


    • Drums and vocals by Julien SOULA at Antistatic studio
    • Bass and guitars by Anthony FLEIRE

    Mixing and mastering: El Mobo at Conkrete studio

    Artworks by R. (theblackaugur.com)

    Photos by Mickael ANDRE

    Social network: Facebook, Youtube

  • Zubrowska are dead - CD -...
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    Zubrowska are dead - CD -...


    Out : 1st September 2010

    Recording, mixing and mastering: Jens BOGREN, Johan ORNBÖRG at Fascination Street, Orebro, Sweden

    Artworks by Mahell and Yoann BOLHER

    Social network: Facebook, Youtube