Biography and Exocrine products

In 2013, Bordeaux (France) gives birth to a new Technical Death Metal's offspring, it is indeed following a Sylvain OCTOR-PEREZ's project (guitar / ex-Son of Senoka / Malleus malleficarum) that EXOCRINE was born. He is quickly joined by Jordy BESSE (bass and vocals), Nicolas LA ROSA (guitar) et Antoine FOURÉ (drums) to some time later release "Unreal Existence" with Great Dane Records in October 2015. The melodic flights associated with jazzy touches the whole thing involved in a brutality more than effective allows them to get noticed from their beginning.

Because they don't come all this way to stop now, it's barely more than one year later they release their second album "Ascension" still with Great Dane Records in Febuary 2017. EXOCRINE reveals a much anchored album in a SciFi universe well-supported by a spatial sound design and cinematographic atmospheres. But is not without relying on ever technical and brutal riffs shading the whole thing with nice flowing melodies and sumptuous solos.

EXOCRINE assert itself to a progressive and modern Technnical Death Metal which is now their characteristic offering thus over the songs a surprising excursion through their universe listening the albums as well as on stage.

Unstoppable, they return to the path of the studio during 2017 henceforth accompanied by Michaël MARTIN (ex-Fleshdoll) who joins the formation on drums in June. Determined to push back the limits of the Tech Death, they joined Unique Leader Records for the release of their third album provided for 2018's spring and are getting ready to ignite the stage in France, especially at the Trabendo (Paris FR) with OBITUARY as well as abroad beside OBSCURA and ARCHSPIRE in a tour in Japan during May.