Hey Dudes!

You want to play GOROD's songs? Get the official parts right here!

Guitars & bass, (and drums soon)

  • Patch Æthra GOROD



    • Top quality embroided design
    • Thermocollant
    • Fit with EVERITHING
    • Pretty up a patch jacket
    • 75mm x 80mm

  • Patch GOROD Old Logo


    Patch Gorod Old Logo

    • Color red and white
    • Embroidered and iron-on patch
    • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 11cm
    • Ideal patch jacket, backpack ...

  • Patch GOROD New Logo


    Patch GOROD New Logo

    • Black and white
    • Embroidered and iron-on
    • Dimensions: 4.5cm x 11cm
    • Embellished a patch jacket, a backpack ...

  • Patch GOROD


    Patch Aethra Gorod

    • From Indonesia made by a fan!
    • Embroidered good quality
    • Available in black, gray or rust
    • Embellished a patch jacket
    • Dimensions: 9.5cm x 9.5cm
    • Patch to sew (NOT heat-sealable)

  • GOROD's Guitar part


    Dear guitarist friends, here's some homework! All GOROD discography in guitar parts.

    You'll get two files with each guitars. 2.50€ per song except for Transcendence and Watershed both at 5€.

    If you want to cross swords with bass lines click <<HERE>>!

    You can ask us for more partitions!

  • GOROD's Bass Part


    Dear bass players, all the powerful GOROD's bass lines on tabs to improve your ability!

    Too powerful? Try guitars lines <<HERE>>.