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Formed by members from various horizons of the Aquitaine scene, the influences are eclectic but the goal is unique: to create an identity within a complete project. JENX develops an energetic, heavy and powerful metal, tinged with industrial sounds thanks to the additional electronic samples and batteries.

Jenx was formed in 2003 in Bordeaux, Gironde (FR). That same year, the band released its first self-produced EP-demo titled Unusual, on the label Mono-Emotional Records. In January 2005, the group is announced at Printemps de Bourges on Thursday, April 21st. In the meantime, they are pre-production of new titles for an album to come in late 2005, recorded on the Bud Records label, mixed in the Conkrete Studio, and mastered by Jean-Pierre Bouquet at the Autre Studio in 2006. Their very first studio album, titled Fuseless, is published in February 2007.

Jenx returns in 2012 and announces her signature at the Klonosphère label as well as the release of their second studio album, Enuma Elish. They post two trailers in support of the album.

Enuma Elish is announced for April 23, 2012 in Europe, and is recorded and mixed by Stéphane Schott at Lyynk Studios. On May 1, 2012, Jenx posted a lyrical video of the homonymous song, directed by Julien Rodrigues of Invert Productions. The album Enuma Elish is announced on May 11 in North America by Season of Mist. On October 23, 2013, they post the clip of the song Chains of Labor from Enuma Elish.

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