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With three albums under their sleeve, French brutal death metal act Kronos had established quite a name for itself based solely on the musical unity of harmony and violence. Featuring a continuous textual reference to the gods of ancient civilizations, Kronos punctures the ears and infuses the spirit with a heightened level of dynamism currently practiced only by a select number of bands.

It all began nearly 15 years ago in a minute town in the north-eastern province of Alsace-Lorraine, as young kids Grams and Mike joined forces alongside Marot and Jérémy to bring into existence the sparks of chaos that would evolve to become the ultimate implosion of viciousness and melodic energy known as Kronos. Over the years, the band underwent line-up changes but by 2003 the pandemonium squad was stabilized to feature Grams and Richard on guitar, Mike on drums, Kristof on vocals and Tom on bass and in charge of backup vocals.

The primordial sphere shook uncontrollably, as Kronos recorded their demo in 2000. The aptly named "Titan's Awakening" album was produced entirely by the band and saw its birth in 2001. This lethal creation lead to the band signing its first ever contract with French label Warpath Records (formerly known as Shockwave). By the end of 2001, "Titan's Awakening" was expelled once again into the world, this time with a brand new cover designed by Deather (Gurkkhas, Vital Remains, Angel Corpse) as well as a visually disquieting graphical booklet.

For the next two albums, the band signed with Spanish label Xtreem Music, which is managed by Avulsed's Dave Rotten and committed to propagating the most intense form of death metal. The second offering, "Colossal Titan Strife" was discharged in 2004 and in 2005 Kronos embarks on a European journey to promote the record. It was as though an Ancient battlefield was resurrected through the vehement force of the music. The third offspring, "The Hellenic Terror" emerged in April 2007 and served as an attestation of the band's enormous capacity for skilled originality.

Now that this Gallic Titan has blossomed into a powerful entity, it is ready to vanquish and destroy the world with musical bloodlust. The leviathan confirms that it is passionate about demonstrating its efficient blend of intricate compositions and pure barbaric madness during live shows, threatening to eradicate any notion of order that may still exist in the universe...

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