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Founded in 2015, Frakasm offers a racy death metal that combines brutality, melody, technicality and catchy riffs. Based on dark texts that portray a humanity running to its death, they remain anchored in the pure death metal tradition through violent visuals and wild stage performances.

Their first album "Century Of Decline" features 8 tracks recorded at Noord Production Studios (DK) and mastered by Alexis Kevork Bassali @Mastering Kevork Studio (PARIS).

These songs with broad spectrum will be able to touch the fans of Carcass, Death or Deicide.
Having already had the opportunity to play alongside bands like Gorgasm (USA), Woslom (Brazil), Gorod (France), Frakasm intends to spread his music across borders. Their recent signing with Great Dane Records is expected to mark the beginning of a new era.

FRAKASM was able to hit hard from the outset with a first album and clips that have found echoes around the world.
Several countries have mentioned these first steps in columns, interviews or facebook publications in laudatory terms.
With this enthusiasm, the band decided to go further. Strongly defending his album at concerts and festivals, the group would like to perform further in France and abroad. Focused on the development of the second album, their goal is to meet its audience and spread this communicative energy. who animates them.

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