Biography and SETH products

After a debut mcd, SETH first album 'Les Blessures de l'Ame" (released in 1998 on Season of Mist) quickly appeared as a leading act in the extreme French metal scence with very promising reviews from the press and started creating a solid fanbase worldwide that was to gradually expand.

Offering a much more professional BM attitude at the time than many of its counterparts, the band signed a two album deal with Osmose Productions and recorded a second album "The Excellence"(2000). Uphold by prestigious collaborations such as Fenriz (Dark Throne) and the famous electronic band Total Eclipse, SETH combined different influences with no real boundaries. Shortly after the band got offers to appear on French TV music shows and shot a video clip for the French MTV channel "MCM".

SETH was then invited to take part of the legendary "Tribute to Mayhem" compilation on Avantgarde Music along with bands such as Immortal, Behemoth, or Dark Funeral.

In 2002, the band recorded a 3rd album `Divine X' at Excess Studio in Rotterdam (Sinister, Elegy, After Forever, Epica) again on Osmose Productions.

This release showed their undisputed ability to mix both dark atmospheres and brutality. The album was critically acclaimed, receiving top rank reviews in many magazines like Mindview and Grindzone.

In December 2003 the band entered again Excess Studio in NL with a revised line up, featuring new inputs Cyriex and Black Messiah, to record their most mature, personal and mesmerizing album ever: "Era Decay".

After the 4th full-length album, the band entered a significant break in 2005. Still, in September 2011, they surprisingly played an exclusive show in Germany headlining together with the legendary Bethlehem.
Shortly, the band resigned on the original label Season of Mist to reissue Album I "Les Blessures de L'Ame" and, one year later, released in June 2013 their new critically acclaimed album entitled "The Howling Spirit" on Season Of Mist which marked the return of the band after a seven-year break.

Seth recently embarked a three week European tour together with death metal gods Pestilence.