Biography and PRAETORIAN products

In 2007, four characters meet and decide to unite to forge the Praetorian sound: power, melody, efficiency.

Influenced by Rammstein, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and Lofofora among others, Praetorian skyscrapers the scenes between Bordeaux, Toulouse and the South West.

A model was born in April 2011. This approach led them to the BT59 with the Zombie Eaters and opening Sybreed in Bordeaux.

In 2012, the first EP 5 tracks recorded by Fred Foulquier was released at the Audiopro studio in Mérignac.

In 2013, Pierrick (former Craft) took the position of bassist.
Praetorian is then supported by Go Music France and performs many first games: JenX, Beyond the styx, Smash hit combo, Bukowski, Otargos until Lofofora in 2014 at Rocher de Palmer.

The meeting with Anthony Chognard of CHS PROD gives birth to the first album "The hidden face" whose release was in April 3, 2015.